The Importance of Teaching Children Team Work

The Importance of Teaching Children Team Work

Teaching Children Team Work

As an adult we work in team environments all the time. Most of us work on teams at work and at home with our partner. Some of us play sports or are on committee. Learning how to work well on a team does not always come naturally. It is something we learned as a child and have grown with into adulthood.

Our children are part of a team at school without even knowing it. There are activities that emphasize team work and it is important to build those relationships. The earlier kids learn the dynamics of working together with a team the better off team building skills will be as an adult.

When children are involved on sports teams it teaches children that they when they win, it is not just done by one person. It takes a whole team to win the game. Working on a team for scholastic reasons is a great also. It allows kids to not only learn working with others, but they learn from others that they might not have taken the time to learn from before. Our lives are filled with so many people and different cultures. When pulling those various dynamics together it can lead to greatness that otherwise would have been overlooked.

As young children you will see what they call parallel playing. This is when there are two children playing the same room, but not together. It is not that these two children do not like each other, it is just that they are trying to learn their world not learn about each other. However, as they grow older they will be taught team building skills in school that will follow them in so many aspects of their lives. Whether it is baseball, basketball, football or volleyball, they all require a team to make it work. These are some of the best ways for kids to learn how to work well on team.

The long and short of being a team player is, well it is important to every aspect of our lives. From childhood, to adolescence to adulthood having good team cohesion will be important daily. No matter how much we want to work independently sometimes, working on a team builds structure. It teaches us that it does not always take just one person to win, but a team to win. Being a team player is important in our daily lives from childhood to adulthood so embrace being a team player!

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